Children are the future torch bearers of the country. It is our responsibility to nurture them so that they become responsible, aware and caring citizens of tomorrow. Udaan is an initiative to promote art, culture and literature among children and youth to create tomorrow’s sensitive thought leaders. The school and college students, for the most part, function and work in an environment of peer pressure, rote learning, academic results, and the race to stay ahead. The distractions such as mobile phones, social media, internet take centre stage. This leaves them little or no time to pursue hobbies, interests or passions. While education and life skills are essential to succeed in life, the significance of values, art, culture and heritage cannot be ignored.

Humane Foundation partners with schools and colleges to augment the school and college curriculum for holistic and overall personality development of students. The engaging storytelling sessions with renowned storytellers enhance vocabulary and language skills of school students. The sessions with authors for older children provide them an opportunity to connect with eminent writers and personalities, and experts from diverse fields. They gain new perspectives, share ideas, and also seek career guidance. Reading circle is a collaborative activity that allows students to discuss and exchange ideas, and improves their communication skills.

In addition, the teachers’ trainings equip them with tools to be role models for their students, and assist in helping children to attain optimum performance. The parents’ workshops enables them to deal with the challenges of raising children in the 21st century.

The workshops on art and craft, theatre, literature, dance and music are designed keeping in mind the age, level and interests of students. They not only de-stress them but also provide them a safe and friendly environment to express their thoughts and feelings. The activities take them on a path of self-discovery as well as team work, are fun as well as therapeutic, and encourage exploration as well as creative pursuits.