About Us

Humane Foundation is a not for profit organization based in Faridabad that uses the power of Art, Culture, Literature & Education to create delightful waves of change across various communities. The foundation utilizes initiatives based on heritage, culture and education as mediums for change. Such creative mediums offer a substantial opportunity to engage and uplift individuals and groups in transformative ways. The carefully curated and crafted programs give communities an opportunity to be a part of something bigger and impactful.

The foundation’s programs provide communities with growth and learning opportunities and give them exposure to new perspectives. These new perspectives lead to different ways of thinking, seeing and being among individuals. In order to create positive social impact in various sections of society, Humane Foundation has decided to adopt a participatory and people-oriented approach rather than a top-down approach.

We work with different communities including under-privileged children, women, government organizations, police and doctors. Care, compassion and communities are the values that are at the heart of all our work. Some of our initiatives include programmes for schools to promote literature, reading and love for books, efforts towards women empowerment and welfare programmes for police, doctors and government organizations are being conducted under the aegis of the foundation.

Our belief is towards a just and equitable world, where communities and individuals have opportunities to grow and to achieve their full potential. Togetherness and collaboration lead to better outcomes for a better tomorrow.

How We Do Ite
  • Provide a platform to authors, artists, experts and professionals in the fields of art, culture and literature to showcase their work
  • Organise events and activities such as author talks, book launches, live performances, storytelling
  • Conduct art and craft, theatre and literature workshops
  • Stress management, personality development and life skills sessions and workshops
Why Us
  • 20 years of experience as a psychologist
  • One stop solution for planning, designing, organising and conducting sessions
  • Large and extensive data pool of professionals and experts in multiple domains
  • Experience in organising art, culture and literary events, activities and workshops
  • Understand the needs and challenges of various sections of society, and communities
  • Curated and customised initiatives based on the requirements of individuals and communities

Our Core Values