Raksha Suraksha

The front-line professions such as police, armed forces and doctors are demanding and exacting jobs. The employees keep erratic and long working hours, and work under tough conditions. This makes them vulnerable to stress and burnout. These stalwarts are the main pillars of the nation. Humane Foundation has unique and customised initiatives to boost their morale, and enable them to manage work-life balance. The aim of the initiatives is to improve their quality of life, and help them find happiness outside of their work life.

The strength of an organisation depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees. Our team building exercises help to build a culture for connecting, collaborating and communicating more effectively. They enhance problem solving skills, productivity and employee engagement. They include both indoor and outdoor activities. In addition, we organise recreational activities such as laughter yoga, Zumba, antakshari for employees. They are designed to give them a break from their monotonous routine, and form deeper bonds with their colleagues. Additionally, skill development and training workshops provide them tools and resources to to stay relevant in this competitive world. They increase the employee’s prospects for growth and employability. Last but not the least, authors and experts from diverse professions draw from their vast knowledge, experience and wisdom gained over the years to impart life lessons and inspire. The motivational talks are also interactive. They are followed by a Q & A session with the speaker.